Introducing Bevel Pro®

This revolutionary new tool reduces time and fatigue; it helps to increase production while reducing trench time and the possibility of accidents. And with the Bevel Pro, you’ll get more consistent bevels, which in the long run will save you money.

The Bevel Pro® takes away the old school way of Hand Filing. It’s a task no contractor likes to do. Hand filing is time consuming; it’s hard to hold the pipe and vibration from filing causes sluff off. Lateral filing is extremely difficult. However, it’s a task we have to accomplish all too often. What if there was a way to get perfect bevels in approximately ten seconds with none of the frustration?

Eliminate Hand Filing with Bevel Pro®.


Latest News

NEW website re-design launched - check out all the new features, new format and come visit often.

Bevel Pro® products are continually improving, and we are in negotiations with an overseas fabricator to improve production and quality.
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