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1 Full Set 4", 6", and 8" Beveling Tools For IPS+ Schedule 40/80 PVC+ Also Electrical Conduit ( Drill Adapter For 6"or 8" Not Included)

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Bevel Pro for IPS +Schedule 40/80 Also 4"6"8" Electrical Conduit  - Full Set

Save money and buy all the sizes you need at once! Getting a full set of our tools will allow you to get the same consistent bevels across different sizes of pipe. Once you get this set of tools, you'll hate being on the job without them!

Included In the Set:

1- 4"Beveling Tool For IPS Size Schedule 40/80 PVC Electrical Conduit With Arbor Adapter For Drill Application 4" Drill Adapter Not For 6" or 8" Not Interchangeable.

1-6" Beveling Tool For IPS Schedule 40/80 PVC Electrical Conduit  Ready To Thread Onto A  6" Or 7" Angle Grinder.  NOTE :Drill Adapter Not Included

1-8" Beveling Tool For IPS Schedule 40/60 PVC Electrical Conduit Ready To Thread Onto A  6" Or 7" Angle Grinder  NOTE: Drill Adapter Not Included

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About Bevel Pro

Bevel Pro was invented by an industry veteran who decided there had to be a better way of doing things. He was tired of hand filing and created Bevel Pro as a tool for other industry professionals that would perform without breaking the bank. Our tools are a safe and effective way to save time and get consistent bevels. We will help you save time in the trench and save you money by preventing the need for repairs.